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Who Created God?

"Who created God?" is a question that has perplexed those who believe in and accept HIS Existence and those who do not for as long as Man has walked this Realm.

Upon closer examination, however, we arrive at the inevitable conclusion that the question is itself illogical. For, the fundamental premise of all cognition of an All-Powerful, Supreme Being rests upon the truth that HE is THE Creator - nothing preceded/precedes HIM and nothing succeeds/remains beyond or after HIM. When the definite article is attached to "Creator" it necessarily and obviously conveys the meaning that this attribution of Creativity/Activity is reserved exclusively to HIM Alone, ie., God is The Creator par excellence and in the absolute sense, which means HE was not created or formed by anyone/anything. Or, to express this concept a little differently, we acknowledge that all numbers proceed from the number One, nothing exists before it and every number proceeds from it - thus, The Creator is The One from WHOM all things come into being and to WHOM all things return.

The concept of creation relates only to the created, and not to the Creator. HE is the Originator and Source of all things. HE is also Time Absolute, and it is through the medium of Time that space and all it contains is caused or called into being. Yet still, it must be borne in mind, that time itself is an entity created by the Almighty, it does not have an independant reality of its own. Just as life and death are created forms, each representing different states of being, so too, time is merely a vehicle, or means, by which the Creator causes objects and subjects to flow into and out of existence, within the confines of space. The Lord of Creation is not confined to or by space, nor is His Being determined, governed, subject or terminated, by time. The Sustainer is Self-Sufficient, and therefore, is not dependant or reliant upon anything.

Many peoples and cultures,, through virtually all stages of human history, have created gods or a god, which simply reflect their own personal predilictions, defining and describing their preferred deity/deities in accordance with their own requirements. In other words, they create god/s in their own image. Ancestral and ancient traditions, rituals, and customs, become gods through constant usage and inherited practice. Often, any thing, idea, concept or person may be elevated to divine, semi-divine status.

Many convince themselves that God does not exist, thereby denying that there is any purpose or meaning to their lives, and indeed, a life lived in denial of the Truth is a life devoid of purpose and meaning. Nevertheless, such people still require something to believe in and woship - for the need to worship is innate to human nature. In fact, their strict adherence to unbelief is in itself a form of worship,they are engaged in worshipping themselves whilst subject to the All-Encompassing Laws insituted by their Creator.

Since all of the Universe is in constant motion, rotating, revolving, turning, returning - ascending and descending - it follows that this unceasing movement is an integral aspect of all existence and the foundation upon which Life itself is constructed. Thus, Man/creatures live and die, rise and fall, are born,formed and then upon completion of their life-terms/cycles return. Emerging from basic elements and returning to that state is common to all life-forms - from the simplest to the sophisticated.

The difference between Man and his co-inhabitants of the physical world is that he alone is endowed with the ability to think and to reason. When death intervenes, his ability to perform action - whether reasonable or not - ceases, but not his conscious Self, it lives on because it is not formed of physical material, its essence and substance is Spiritual. And herein lies the core purpose of Man's being, to arrive at an acceptance of his two-fold nature comprised of both the material and spiritual, the seen and the unseen and the unity of both realms. Those who reject the concept of the Unseen are the ones most likely to pose the question that began this piece - Who Created God?

This query reflects a profound need to attain the truth. The underlying purpose of Religion is to address this need, to know God is to comprehend the meaning of life and existence. And knowledge is the source of all Truth - knowing with Reason is believing and seeing with the Soul is accepting. God Knows Best.

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