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Realm Of Dreams

Time enfolding creation offers many gifts - layers upon layers of radiance, revealing parts and concealing aspects. Light that penetrates the dark and shatters it. The dark has light of its own, subdued and restrained.

Images of things seen form thoughts and create emotions. The light of day is transformed into the light of the night. Spiritual streams and rivers flow into seas and oceans, which cause wave upon wave of dream-like sequences to pass through the mind, they remain floating in the heart. New realities enclose the old, whilst spaces embrace the unknown.

Imagination is heightened and perception sharpened when traversing the landscape of sleep. That which has been seen is absorbed and translated into a thousand words, they speak of realms beneath, beyond and above the known.

That which is recognized whilst awake becomes unrecognizable during asleep.The sub-conscious merges with the conscious, and dreams take shape - realising reality and comprehending secrets untold. New truths emerge, as people and places lose their identity to become new entities.

Desires of the heart lead dreams to the unattainable one - here the impossibility of union and reunion with the beloved is made possible. Separation and longing are reduced to distant memories as emotions transcend the body of matter, and as love ascends the barriers of time. Destiny speaks as dreams sleep.

Strange occurances seem natural in dreams, whilst meeting strangers poses neither embarassment nor difficulties. Life during dreams assumes different shades, the lighter and darker shades combining to create an explosion of hitherto unseen colours. The colour of visions is bright - nightmares bring clouds dense with foreboding.

The meaning of dreams lies in the messages they convey - recieving information whilst alseep, and giving to Reason mysteries to be unravelled. The realm of dreams contains vast worlds, all of them revolving around time and travelling through space. A journey into these worlds is similar to diving fathoms deep, discovering lands undiscovered and seeing souls unseen.

A beautiful kingdom is this - where anything and everything can and does happen. Beauty remains hidden in the heart and concealed in the mind. Dreams are devoid of boundaries and without limits. They transport one into the secret depths of the heart and mind, conversing with them - speaking to the silence of the soul - uncovering a language composed of the nobility and purity of truth.

Dreaming empires live serenely, waking worlds exist peacefully. The spaces which existence inhabits are dreaming and waking - living and dying. The seeker after serenity and peace finds both everywhere and in everything. The world is dreaming, as it breathes, of being drawn back to a realm beyond which there is no return.

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