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The Balcony

The balcony affords a view that is both splendid and spectacular. From it, one gazes towards the upper reaches of the Heavens, and glancing downwards, one sees visions of the deepest oceans.

From this vantage point, the mind becomes preoccupied with the science of matter. Whilst from the farthest horizons the soul finds rivers of light. The heart engages the living in animated discourse, discovering streams of love pouring in and flowing out.

Here the pattern of thoughts shift from that which is Seen to that which is not. Imagination and perception merge to create astonishing realms of Insight -they alone have the freedom to be transported from one new world to another. In each being welcomed by myriad colours the eye has yet to behold.

I do not exist in these wanderings, because Life is transformed into higher planes of existence, the like of which none have ever experienced. The shapes of things are so beautiful they defeat all definitions and descriptions.

The end of this journey means the beginning of a new one. The balcony remains in place - it is whatever I want it to be. Faith, love or hope. The ever-present companion accompanying me upon my way is Time.





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