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Truth Is A Vision

Unrelated tales relate stories of knowledge. To know a thing is to be granted a vision of it. Seeing leads to unbelief, for the seer believes in nothing but that which he is able to encompass with his eyes - but how far does the eye travel? How much is the eye capable of beholding?

Knowledge of things unseen causes the eyes to close, and then worlds reveal themselves to the senses, to the mind, to the heart and to the soul. These realms exist beyond time and above space, unfolding dreams realise unrealised truths. Where does love reside? Side by side with grief.

Grief knows pain, pain acknowledges suffering, suffering welcomes anguish. They all live to make life true. Happiness remains as contentment increases, but peace is difficult to attain to. The innocence of peace is shattered by the cruelty in the world. No-one can be at peace when everyone is at war. The living are at war with themselves.

Promises become weapons. Promises were once kept, but that was aeons ago. In this particular realm - the realm of the seer and the unbeliever - promises are made to be broken. They are employed as a device to lead one on to hope. Hopes are crushed as promises are withdrawn. Who is there now in the world willing to honour his promises? Who is there now in the world even remembers promises uttered?

The word becomes a tool, a method by which one misleads another. Words no longer communicate the truth or the
true aspect of
a thing. Words translate into wars, war on truth, knowledge wisdom, love, peace, justice. Words that descend the depths of existence, not rising to the great heights of the living. Words describe beauty and perfection only when the language is one of truth. The language taught in this world is a language devoid of reality.

Images are sought, yet they represent only an infinitesimal aspect of the subject or object. The seer demands to see, he is thirsty and hungry for images of things and beings. His world is composed of only that which he has seen, imagination ceases at being presented with images. Pictures and portraits satisfy the seeker of them. To look beyond them is unimaginable. For him, the unseen and uknown do not exist. He is defeated by his inability and unwillingness to see anything other than images of things seen.

Beauty withdrew long ago from this realm, it knew no peace in this place. Beauty lives outside of the seer's comprehension, he cannot understand real beauty, so he has invented for himself beauty without shape and form. He believes in a beauty without reality, having convinced himself that beauty comprises appearance and nothing else. This hapless wretch thus denies himself knowledge of true beauty. Knowledge is beauty, as is truth and love, peace and justice is beauty. Qualities the seer and the unbeliever do not possess are disregarded or denied. These qualities or states or conditions are elements or aspects of beauty. Beauty cannot be separated or divided it is one complete whole. Beauty is absolute in its essence and in its substance. The beautiful are true. Beauty is ageless and timeless, infinite and eternal. Beauty belongs to the realm unseen, having retreated from this world permanently.

The world is a garment that has frayed with time. It has become torn in pieces, the material has fragmented and is wearing thin. Not long to go before it falls into a million and more shreds. The garment enclosed the wearer of it, alas that the enfolded one did not keep his garment intact. He picked and picked and picked at the stitches, so that now they have unravelled. The wearer finds himself exposed and almost naked. This is not a sight to behold, garment and wearer face a terrible truth - both are in the process of disintegration.

Truth is a vision only the soul can see, just as love is a vision only the heart can visualize and knowledge is a vision only the mind can encompass. Visions that revolve as creation revolves. These visions merge together to create one. One vision that speaks only one truth. Truth is a vision revealed by time, translated by space and understood by only he who sees it for what it is.



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