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You made me aware of the truth when you asked, "Am I not your Lord ?" And I responded by exclaiming, "Yes!" Then you kept me with You in a realm where time did not speak, and where all of space revolved in far distant places.

You willed for me to be sent into a world unknown, where I was a stranger and no-one recognized me. As time proceeded and as I took form in unfamiliar environs, I became lost, confused, and unaware of my origins.

You inspired me to seek reality, for reality is the language of light and light leads to knowledge of the truth. As my quest to know progressed, I encountered spiritual shapes and emotional patterns that caused a flicker of remembrance in me.

Then You gave me a Book that contained the map of my soul, when I read it my spirit soared and my heart ascended to your Majestic Throne. Memories of You flooded back, and I became submerged beneath oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, and streams of visions of You.

You revealed that wheresoever I turned there was Your countenance, and You spoke to me of the east and the west and made known that they and north and south belonged to none but You.

In the book of life You revealed stories of Your Chosen Ones, and of generations who faded into the past aeons ago. You made them examples, and informed me who to follow and who not to.

You concealed from me nothing that was good for me, and unveiled all that was best in Your vast creation, causing each and every thing to be a sign of Your Grace and a manifestation of Your Perfect Attributes.

You inspired in me love, devotion, passion and adoration of You, and you explained that none had a share in Your Qualities nor in Your Divinity or in your governance of Your tremendous creation.

And so it was that I worshipped You and only You, my heart became a moon that reflected Your light, and You transformed it into Your throne and became soveriegn of it. This became but a place of worship where my entire being supplicated before Your Glory and Your Might.

I remembered You morning, noon and night, and standing sitting reclining. Even as I slept, for whatever state I was in, You caused me to enter into, and emerge from. I could not be were it not for You, You had uttered your word "Be!" and in humility, I became.

I recalled that You commanded me to be present with my mind, heart and soul, and that You offered me Your guidance by calling upon me to turn aside from all else and turn my face only to You.

My memories are composed of seeing only You, of hearing only You, of seeking only You, of striving only for You, of being only for You.

It was You who translated all languages of the heart to me, it was You who taught me the purity of truth, it was You who enabled me to walk with none to aid me but You, it was You who enlightened my spirit and illuminated my reason when this world threatened to dazzle me with its alluring gaze.

When I became forgetful, when memories became too distant and vague, You made manifest Your Presence and stood before me, so that my eyes were adorned with Your sight and my consciousness was described by Your Name.

You conveyed to me how my existence was brought to life, and emphasised my end were I ever to associate anything or anyone with You.

You gave me permission to celebrate my life by causing me to be aware of Your infinite blessings, Your Generosity spoke to me of Your All-Embracing Gifts.In all ways and in all things You enriched my world. You transformed it into a realm where I knew of Your Name only, and where I sought nothing and no-one but Your Face and Your Grace.

You tenderly, gently, and kindly wiped away my tears when despair overwhelmed me, You restored hope when it was stolen from me.

You Compassionately forgave me my many transgressions, but reminded me to hold firm to my memory of You lest I lose myself in heedlessness and become enfolded by the darkness of ignorance.

When I suffered the loss of rejection and abandonment, You called to my mind that You were my Companion in my loneliness, and so my loneliness became a thing of joy and not of sorrow.

You invited me to travel with You to the furthest limits of Your creation, and displayed to me the beauties of it and exhibited to me all that you kept hidden from unseeing eyes, and in my wonder and my awe You showed to me the secrets of the soul and revealed to me mysteries untold and unheard.

You created for me a special place near to You, and so it became dear to me, You gave me only that which was good for me and denied to me all that would lead me to deny You and thus to cause me to stray from Your Path.

You embroidered my imagination and embellished my perception by enabling me to see things as they really were and as they were always intended by You to be.This insight enabled me to see beyond the seen to an unknown realm as yet unseen.

All the knowledge that You guided me to led to mansions upon mansions upon mansions of light, an infinity of doors opening onto an eternity of gardens.

In my memory, these gardens were my true abode, assigned to me by You where only those with whom You were well-pleased were granted leave to enter and remain. Gardens of peace where life was only ever free and thus as it was truly meant to be.

As I turned this way and that I saw only You, it was Your Countenance alone that was evident and visible to me, and You gazed upon me and smiled fondly, and my eyes shed tears that watered Your domains.

I asked myself in dismay, "Was there ever a time, a moment in my life, when I had forgotten You?" I was overcome with shame and grief to remember that which I wished only to forget.

You are my existence, my life is composed only of You.I remember nothing but You, I recall You every instant of the time you allowed to me.

Memories are brought to vivid and colourful life by remembering Your Names. They are inscribed upon the pages of my heart, where books, volumes, and tomes are written about Your Beauty, Perfection, Grace and Mercy.

When I seek refuge, refuge is sought in You, in remembering You, in recalling You, in my memories of You. I seek refuge in You from all that is in and around me that may cause me to forget You. To forget You, Oh Beloved Soveriegn of my spirit which is at Your Command, is to forget the purpose of my being here, the reason for my presence.

Now and forever You are in my memory, no other can become a part of it, for You are my memory. Memories of love and light and life, memories that could not be were it not for You. Memories that accompany me upon this journey. Memories of You are love letters sent with profound hope, each letter beseeching You to accept me and embrace me with Your eyes.

I am the soul You created at the time of Your choosing. Remember me, then, Lord of All Worlds, even as I remember You.

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