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Everything in creation requires sustenance, they are also granted the ability to provide some form of sustenance or the other. Creatures recieve sustenance from the environment in which they exist. 

All things needs food, it is a multi-layered truth. All aspects of being demand food, survival depends upon these demands being satisfied. Mankind is a complex creature - his being requires far more than physical sustenance. Man is multi-faceted, he is endowed with many capabilities.He has physical; intellectual; emotional; mental; sensual; spiritual aspects -all of which must be sustained. And all these aspects of Man are provided for by everything existing within, upon and beyond his immediate environment.

Light is a form of sustenance, creation is unable to function without it.Light comes in different forms, and all creatures partake of these light-forms.For a human being, light sheds truths upon the soul - light flowing from the upper heavens, reaching down, enlightening the mind and heart,transforming life and making it sparkle and shine. Fragrant light - the scented light of paradise.

The mind requires food, ignorance is akin to starvation. The mind seeks sustenance, food for the intellect. Reason rejects being starved of knowledge, it strives to attain to truths. And truths that can only be arrived at if the mind is fed upon a diet composed of real knowledge. This knowledge enables the mind to aquire wisdom through thought - thoughts love ideas and inspiration - these feed the imagination. Without such sustenance,the mind shrivels up and suffers an early demise - so that whilst the physical body may be active, the life of the mind has died.

The heart too demands sustenance. It hopes to recieve the food of love. The emotions are apt to protest,and the heart is likely to rebel if pure love is denied. Beings require other beings to survive, companionship is as essential as every other type of food. Loneliness is also a form of starvation - all creatures need to be with their own kind. Without the love mates provide,the heart goes on strike,and remains aggrieved always,giving rise to great emotional pain and hardship.

The soul needs sustenance, the sustenance that faith provides. Faith gives meaning and direction to life. Without faith,the soul becomes entirely detached from the rest of its being.This threatens to lead a human being astray, causing him to abandon himself to the material world, causing him to forget that the material world is transitory -
whereas the realm of the soul is ever-lasting. For life has been assigned a definite function,a reason for being. And the reason for being granted life is not simply to eat food to enable the physical body to survive - the reason for living is rooted in the soul,the breath of life that seeks its Creator.

Life is all-encompassing, and therefore,its sustenance must be all-embracing. In truth, there is not a thing, not a being - but they all demand food of some type,they all need provision of some form.Creation sustains,creation provides.

All things and all beings are guided to their true destination by the food granted to them. Food that manifests itself in a multitude of ways. Everything is described by the sustenance it needs,and the sustenance it recieves.

Artificial forms of food, superficial forms of sustenance, destroy the true nature of a thing or being. Since all things and all beings are composed of real elements any falsehood attaching to their sustenance diminishes their life-span,and distorts their essential purpose.

Food speaks in a thousand languages, these languages being translated by the beings that consume it and in the manner in which it is consumed. Food does not neglect anything or anyone - if any are denied food this may be the fault of the many who enjoy the benefits of food (and who perhaps greedily consume too much) - forgetting those who have insufficent means to provide for themselves.

Gazing at creation, and contemplating its secrets and mysteries, a fundamental truth stands revealed. Creation and creatures seek sustenance - and creation and creatures have been granted the permission (and the means) to provide it.Whatever form of food is required for whatever type of thing or being - it lives,it breathes and it exists. Food, of all description, will be withdrawn some day. On that day Justice - based upon the infinite and eternal law of truth - will speak. Justice is a vital food, creation is upheld and sustained by it.

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