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The Repentant One

O my Sustainer! Indeed,You are Witness to all things, since You are the Truth Absolute.

O Glory of Creation! I have sinned, I have sinned, I have sinned.

O Eternal and Ever-Living One! You blessed me with noble life, but I was ungrateful and forgetful.

O Lord of Majesty and Bounty! You gave me gifts in abundance and sustenance of every description, but I exchanged them for a paltry price.

Alas! My weeping ceases not, my grieving leaves me not.

You graced me with parents but I heeded them not,and thus did I disobey You.

You graced me with faith but I prayed not nor did I remain conscious of You,and thus did I deny Your Presence.

You graced me with friends but I exploited them and did not aid them, and thus was I of those who decieve.

You graced me with livelihood but I cheated and stole, for I was amongst the avaricous.

You graced me with love but I betrayed and hurt my beloved,and thus You removed her from me.

You graced me with freedom but I imprisoned myself behind walls of rage and lust and greed,and thus I abandoned all reason.

O Generous One! You gave me everything but I left myself with nothing and no-one.

O Compassionate One! I am utterly lost in a wilderness devoid of hope. I am hungry for warmth and light.

O Light of Creation! Is there a means by which I may escape this darkness of despair?

O Guide! Is there any chance that You may guide me to the path that leads to You?

O Fount of all Love! Am I ever to be graced with Your perfect gift of love?

O All-Forgiving! O You Who are the Forgiving One! O You Who are the Pardoner! O Acceptor of Repentance! O Forbearing One!

O Beloved One of my soul! Reveal to me if I am deemed to be worthy and deserving of Your forgiveness?

O Responsive One! Do I even merit a response from You?

O All-Knowing,Truly Wise One! I have no knowledge but this; from You have I come to You am I returning, and tremendous is this journey's end! Make this sufficient to sustain me, until the time You cause me to enter my abode in the earth from which You caused me to emerge.

Oh Blessed One! Endow my being with patiance, and prepare me for the meeting You have promised on a Day pre-ordained.

Lord of Mercy, I repent, I repent, I repent!

And it was conveyed to him:

"Your prayer is accepted.Your Lord has Willed upon Himself the Law of Grace and Mercy. His Grace overspreads everything."

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