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Spiritual Scandals

The eyes of the soul peer out from beyond the curtain,
that which it bears witness to causes it immeasurable grief.

The spirit whispers to the heart, and begs to be released,
the heart is aggrieved, and gently sends a rebuke.

The soul calls to the mind, asking to be excused,
the mind is troubled, and refuses its request.

The spirit gazes up at the heavens mournfully,
it sends a message to them, pleading for return.

The moon and the stars, and all things of beauty,
seek to comfort the soul full of sorrow.

Alas! The soul weeps in its prison,
tears of light cascading down its face.

Come now! Oh soul of souls!
What causes you to be so?

I have no means of escape, cries the soul,
this material is tearing at my very being!

Permit me a voyage to the abode of rest,
where I may be in the company of peace.

What ails you, oh spirit of light?
Have not the realms been gracious to you?

Here is only darkness and despair,
indeed, this is a world devoid of hope.

The soul is informed it cannot abandon its host,
thus, its disquiet is replaced with patiance.

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