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The heart seeks companionship, for the heart is a
place where great loneliness resides. This loneliness
is alleviated, somewhat, by the presence of loving company.

The world is alive with every kind and form of life,
they speak a thousand languages, all composed of the
beauty of truth. Strange it is,then,that the heart
should experience the grief of loneliness.The heart
is easily hurt, everything touches the heart.The
nearness of things cannot make the heart feel lighter,
none may draw close enough to hear the beat of the heart.

The heart finds rest and comfort in remembrance of
its Beloved, the One permanent resident in it.
Creatures cause the heart to smile,they are indeed
worthy companions.The stars too, and the moon,
give glad tidings,as they pass by.

The sky is not too far distant to send messages of hope
and peace,and the oceans and rivers wave away the pain
that the heart often endures.Companionship that is real
and true is rarely found, companionship keeps itself
company, as does the heart.The soul speaks gently to
the heart,and the mind provides solace occassionally.

None can ever know the secrets of the heart, its mysteries
are hidden. Only the Owner and Creator of the heart
is able to fathom its depths, light that is shed upon
the innermost regions of the heart reveals its
truths and unravels its elusive nature.

None loves as the heart does. It is composed
of love and light and life. They speak languages to
the outside world, which very few are able to comprehend
The heart is blessed with of a love of truth.

All in creation have companions, all creatures have friends.
The differences between them are very similar, similarity
and familiarity are that which the heart seeks.
The heart strives after the purity, nobility, and beauty
evident in creation, creation that is composed of serenity
and harmony.They join together to create the music
of peace.The heart craves the silence of peace, a
quiet place in which to reflect,and in the company
of One who bestows peace.

The heart is an elegant and beautiful aspect of being.
It is near to heaven, whenever it mentions its Sovereign,
then it ascends time and space, and is permitted to see
that which no other can, visions of paradise.The heart
contains within itself heaven and hell, which ever is
to be its final destination, depends upon the company
it seeks,and the company it keeps.

Travelling into eternity, escorted by infinity,
the heart journeys on. It heard tales from the realm
it once inhabited, that there was but one life,and an
unceasing end. The whispering of the the soul, and
murmuring of creation, revealed that which hitherto
had been concealed. New paths open up, each more
illumined than the last. Here is calm, and there
lie spaces expanding into time, creating new realms,
as life emerges anew, enlightened companions awaiting.

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