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Religion For Sale

Religion, like virtually everything else in life and
in this world, is a commodity that one buys and sells.
Those fondly referred to as the " masses " are but
people who lack direction themselves, and so
permit others to direct them. This is a form of
religious devotion, the object of worship being
nothing in particular, or no-one of particular importance.

Faith in a Supreme Being - One Who is All-Knowing
and All-Encompassing in His Presence - has become
outmoded. It is not regarded as fashionable or trendy
or smart or cool to believe in an Almighty Creator.
Those, therefore, who regard themselves as fashionable,
trendy, smart and cool, reject such unfashionable beliefs.
They believe only in prevailing fashions, and when the new
season arrives, and fashions change, so do the
fashionable - ever eager are they to keep up with the times.

There are as many religions in the world as there are
people. For, everyone has his or her own deity that they are
steadfastly attached to. These deities may be concrete
representations of something or someone, saintly
personalities, forces of nature, figments of the
imagination, or ideas - scientific or otherwise.

Religion is not just confined to the religious in
the conventional sense, on the contrary,
the majority of Mankind is deeply religious. The majority
have always found in religion an excellent means of
escaping personal responsibility. Because Mankind is
profoundly irresponsible, he employs religion to
excuse and justify his inexcusable and unjustifiable actions.

Everyone has their own version of the truth. Truths are
not seen as eternal and immutable, they are seen as either
convenient aides to one's inclinations, or inconvenient
barriers to one's desires. In the latter case,
truths are then altered, changed, corrupted, distorted,
suppressed, denied - after all, no truth, no matter
how great or glaring, must be allowed to interfere with
the attainment of one's desires. Revealed religions tend to
be rather firm in this matter, they do not permit of their
truths being tampered with. And so it is that, the majority -
preferring their desires to divine truths - knowingly and
deliberately, abandon them.

It must be said, however, that there are still many believers.
Alas, here too, the marketing of religion takes place.
Somewhat like football, believers give their support
or allegiance to one or other group or caste or
sect or tribe or community. Whatever team represents their own
inclinations, their own prejudices, their own modes of thought,
their own family or national tradition, etc, that is the team
that earns their whole-hearted loyalty and support.
There are many such teams in existence,all seeking to
attract fans for their clubs.

Tragically, it being the way of Mankind, these clubs and their
teams often clash, holding as they do divergent beliefs and
different methods of worship, resulting in severe losses for all
concerned. Engaging in battles and warfare is not an uncommon
practice, widespread death and destruction is sadly the only
consequence of these activities. Competition being fierce,
the desire to prove to the misguided just how rightly-guided
one or other club is, constant argumentation and disputes
take place. And all this in the name of religion,
all this to show how " right " one's chosen club is, all
this in order for peace and harmony to prevail in the world !
These teams and clubs impose their own particular version
of peace upon the rest of Mankind by force of arguments,
and failing that, by force of arms.

Sometimes,religion is transformed into a most attractive
and exclusive possession or asset. The more exclusive one's
religion is, the greater the sense of superiority. The
religious devotee likes to feel him/herself superior in
his choice of religion, humility is not regarded as a
useful means of expressing one's faith in one's deity,
humility is reserved for the lowly and the outcaste.
The superior believer must needs feel better than his
or her fellow beings, this helps to augment ones sense
of purity and piety and nobility. Once again, the
competitive spirit enters into these weighty matters.
Purity is to be attained through proving oneself more
religious than anyone else. Mankind adores competition.
He is as competitive in the domain of religion as he is
in all his other endeavours.

Religion has always been for sale. It is most expensive
whenever and wherever it is seen as most exclusive.
One can buy religion in any market place. For religion
is not necessarily about worshipping the One God, it is
about worshipping anything at any price - whatever the
cost. Mankind's love of conflict reflects his own inner
restlessness and contradictory nature. Since he is incapable
of being just and faithful to himself, he therefore
finds it almost impossible to treat anything with justice,
or be faithful to anyone, including his chosen deity.
And since every true religious principle is founded upon
justice and fidelity, the reason then for the evil of
injustice and inequity being prevalent in the
world becomes apparent.

The sale of religion and of religious beliefs and practices
will no doubt continue. For Mankind is but a buyer and seller.
Nothing is destined to change, except the times. Mankind will
not change, at least not for the better. And no religion,
however true, can alter this truth, as history bears witness.

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