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Drowning In Waves

Not a being or thing, not yet. Just water. Only water, water cascading and rising. Streams forming, creating rivers and oceans and seas. From somewhere beneath the depths, consciousness flows into me.

I am drowning, drowning, drowning. Am I a creature that already exists? Or, am I in the process of coming into being - with the waters and lands crashing together to give me life and shape. I am swimming to shore, not because I want to. There is something - someone ? - commanding me, compelling me to move forward.

As yet , I am unable to see. I listen to the oceans as they wave, I can hear, but I cannot visualise what I hear. I am limited in what I am able to do. I can accomplish little. I am a primitive being, how strange then, that I am able to think!

This is a journey like no other, the breath of life has transformed me. Senses have been assigned to me. Reason informs me that I have been granted the permission to live. My nature explains to me the meaning and purpose of my presence here. I am a human being.

From water, and from the earth, my origins lie in elements I barely comprehend. These elements sustain me. But, the beating of my heart and the thoughts swirling through my mind reveal a hidden aspect to my being. I am not merely a creature composed of water and dust. I am a being concealed beneath layers of material. I am a spirit enfolded by this physical garment, how heavy and cumbersome this garment is!

I am a creature created from the material realm, as surely as my soul is descended from the spiritual realm. These two coming together and forming one being. I seek a release and a return. My physicall clothing shall fray and decay. It shall be restored to the earth, its home. My spiritual self will ascend, and it shall be restored to its true abode.

In a fraction of time, I found myself drowning in waves upon waves of waters, absorbing, encompassing,
escorting me through every state and stage of existence. Now I find these sparkling streams in gardens green. As I wander through them, new visions replace the old, even as I am formed anew.

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