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Adornment Of The Heart

He embarked upon his journey with little possessions and few thoughts. His quest was centred upon comprehending the inner meaning of the outward appearance of things. He shunned the realities of the times - for they were but manufactured and artificial.

He traversed vast distances during which he encountered untold mysteries, so hidden that they refused to divulge their secrets. They beckoned him onwards whilst informing him of many more realms as yet unseen.

Upon his travels which transported him ever further away from all that was familiar and known, he heard sweet music that caused his heart to ascend in contentment. Here a flower shyly bloomed, its scent revealing the purity of colours, there a tree bowed in humility as the breeze strolled by. Up above a star whispered to him with its twinkle and its sparkle. The moon glowed fondly and the night sighed softly. Together they all sang nature's tender song. Their lyrics accompanied him as he searched beyond the seen to a realm of meanings concealed.

His senses were enlivened and awakened even as his soul rejoiced in the knowledge of truths unfolding. His mind reflected serenely upon all that it had thus far encompassed. His heart fluttered in anticipation of arriving at its true destination. The kingdom of his world became a light shining brightly, guiding him through paths of enlightenment to the abode where reality uttered words of inspiration.

As he continued upon his way his vision became focused upon a figure walking ahead of him. His dismay was in equal measure to his displeasure - he had sought solitude and quiet. Yet here was company most unwelcome and undesired. She stopped and turned, having heard his footsteps from afar. He paused and gazed at her in startled surprise. Imagination wrote upon the beat of his heart flowing lines of beauty without description - he became lost in contemplation of her. Amidst green meadows shaded by the heavens, he had attained journey's end. He called out to her and she smiled.

As time moved gently forward and space reserved places for honoured guests, he took her hand and together they called upon creation to bear witness to their words. Peace descended from the upper reaches of the skies as light enfolded them both in its warm embrace. Shadows danced in attendance and creatures exclaimed their joy.

In the beginning he had been alone as had she. Yet the companionship of mercy had been ordained for them. Their souls were inscribed with the testimony of discoveries and the unveiling of the unseen as never seen before. But the adornment of the heart remained love in all its simplicity and purity - nor could it ever have been anything else.

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