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Visions Of Green

Gardens through which running waters flow, gardens alive with flowers ever-lasting, water ever-present, and light unceasing.

Green gardens strolling along, green leaves speaking quietly, trees bursting with the colour green, creating an explosion of colours, new dimensions leading to awakening of the soul.

In this realm, sleep communicates in a thousand different languages. Shade provides shelter, nothing no longer matters, because nothing has ceased to be. Only the real lives, only the true breathe.

A measure of peace is immeasurable. Peace has taken up residence in these gardens. Gardens smile with love, love reveals its true nature in the gardens through which all hopes are realised.

Happiness and joy knew no happiness or joy in the world fallen and broken. That world crumbled away as new worlds took shape. The all good abandoned the all bad to their own, and love withdrew to seek anew the knowers of it. In worlds gone by, the price of everything was paid in wickedness, and lost souls cried out to be rescued and found.

Time readied the gardens bright with green, and the spiritual thirst of those lost souls was quenched by the spiritual waters flowing at their feet, seas of misery purified by oceans of grace.

In this place space is granted only to those who sought it, the rest are confined to the suffering eternal grief, having been rejected by their own rejection. The fortunate ones gaze in wonder and in awe, they have attained to green valleys and green mountains and green dreams. The colour of life is green, the happy ones find themselves embraced by the beauty of life as expressed through its most favoured colour.

Here life means truth, and falsehood has been shattered by its own fabrications and inventions, it finds no abode but is reduced to the oblivion it deserves. Life releases a sigh, and the soul speaks. Everything here is defined by its purpose, nothing is out of place or without reason. Reason has found its true home, this is the place it struggled and strived for, now reason is at peace and the reasonable are too.

A glance conveying contentment, and a word uttered with a smile. There is no unhappiness here nor is there any discord, all live with a love of truth. Existence is no more, this is life as it is intended to be, pure and innocent. The soul has escaped from its prison. The gardens invite and inspire all, visions of gardens endless in scope and endless in variety. There is not one, but many gardens leading to a multitude of gardens. That which ones sees unveils that which one does not. The seeing have arrived, and the unseeing have been banished.

Joy of souls ! Gardens beckoning ! Green exclaiming ! Visions of peace in company with visions of love. Waiting no more, now is no more. The moment begins as time ends. Visions of green in gardens through which running waters flow. I saw a vision, visions translating green into life, and transforming hope into truth. The unknown has made itself known, and the unseen has manifested itself into the seen. Creation has turned a page, and a new chapter has begun.

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