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Worlds In A Word

Worlds wondered along paths that revolved around each other, encircling all space,time gave direction. In some way, new ways were always to be found. Nothing gazed at everything with sadness, and longed to be granted permission to come into being as something. Its wish was
fulfilled, and so another thing entered into creation.

As I travelled the worlds, seeking visions unseen and hoping to hear the unheard. I encountered many words I had not read before, these words presented themselves to me, speaking of hidden matters and conveying secrets untold.

Colours not ever imagined formed, brightened and then faded. And waters gathered, rushed forward, creating waves in the shape of gardens where scented flowers called sweetly to creatures passing by. It was indeed a sight to treasure, even as treasures revealed themselves to my sight.

I continued upon my journey, accompanied by none but light. As the light made clear all before me, so all things became clear to me. Here was a space undefined and time unconfined. For, who could define space, and who could confine time ? And there were none who could contain light, but light contained all things.

I was transported to the upper and outer reaches of all that existed. The air whispered to me that I would not be able to go any further. I had arrived at the boundary, this,then,was the limit beyond which none could go.

I gazed longingly at the veils of light, serene in their beauty and tranquil in their perfection. I heard a breath and then a voice, and I became conscious of being enfolded and embraced by the light. My tears spoke of grief at this separation, but I knew those veils would remain in place, keeping me out, yet drawing me in. Nothing in me was prepared for the vision that was presented to me. To behold my beloved one was a precious gift, to be measured by the immeasurable and expressed by the inexpressible. Only for that one instant did I see the countenance of my beloved, then I saw the veils falling back and forming together to create walls of light.

I was returned to the abode assigned to me. Peace adorned my heart, as I reflected upon the many worlds I had journeyed through. I contemplated the meaning of words, and realised that all worlds were but a word, uttered and then brought into being. Words and worlds engaging in communication, and a language known as truth spoken by all.

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