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Waiting For A Miracle

The miracle of simply being present -  alive - in a world full of shadows and light, in a realm composed of mysteries and secrets, is not regarded as sufficient proof that the Unseen and Hidden exist.

Religion is dismissed by many, because it is deemed incapable of providing miracles - the primitive mentality demands miraculous interventions and transformations of the natural order, and normal process of things.

Scientific progress is known to have its limitations, there is a barrier between what can be, and what is known. Some may unreasonably suppose or assume that all knowledge may one day be within the grasp of Mankind, but this supposition is based upon nothing more than arrogance, and reveals little other than ignorance.

Often, politics creates problems, yet gives the illusion that it is the only means by which solutions may be arrived at, as well as the only way to attain economic or social cohesion. Politicians being mere human beings, their mode of behaviour and conduct, both personal and private, does not inspire either confidence or trust.

Sport and entertainment are no longer viewed with disdain. On the contrary, sporting and entertainment personalities are far more trusted than political or religious figures. Celebrities are always in demand, both for their opinions and talents.

Appearance and reality fade into the background as those who make a living dancing, posing, or pretending, or all three, are provided with public platforms from which they may venture to assert their very important, highly relevant suggestions, about all manner of subjects.

Manufacturing distractions, and thus misleading the masses, are great ways of staying in the "news." The man in the street is bombarded with "expert" opinion". The views of the man in the street are probably more relevant, true, and valid than anyone else's.

The media is indispensable in these image-obsessed times. Words without an image or picture accompanying them, are almost entirely ignored. The constant demand now, is to be able to see with one's own eyes the story that is being reported. Whether accident or incident, event or adventure, it must needs have a great many moving images to prove its authenticity.

A story devoid of pictures may elicit boredom, causing viewers to switch off or switch over. Thus, dramatic images are seen to be an absolute necessity. Even if it is an extremely uninspiring speech being given by a deeply unpopular politician, the public demand to see it or him or her in action. The Unseen, obviously, has no place here.

Imagination is stifled, and expression is subdued. Whatever one may imagine, or wish to express, it remains vague. Too much is said, and seen, by too many. Silence itself seeks a means of making itself known. However, there is a kind of apprehension, or tension, evident everywhere. Perhaps the unceasing disasters befalling the world are beginning to take its toll.

Catastrophes and calamaties are foretold in the Divine Books of Wisdom. Their causes and manifestations are described in great detail. An increase in evil and bad fortune is said to be a sign of the end of times. Time moves on serenely, it hardly takes into account what is said or made of it. There are those who are awaiting great miracles to occur. People who believe the Almighty will send HIS favoured ones to rescue Mankind from the disasters of his own making. Interesting indeed, for the Creator, in HIS Infinite Wisdom, has provided spiritual - and all other forms of - sustenance, yet still Mankind demands more.

Waiting for a miracle leaves one in a constant state of expectation. It also permits a degree of complacency and laziness to creep into oneself. The "saviour" will save us from our ownselves, and the heathens who threaten our existence. As of now, nothing can be done - for all are living in a state of expectancy and hope. In other words, everyone is helplesss and powerless to effect any kind of change, we require supernatural intervention to bring about change - in and around us. In the meanwhile, the slide into chaos and oblivion continues on unabated.

It may be that our Beloved Sustainer, gazing upon HIS realm with Knowledge and Mercy, might consider sending down yet another miracle, were it not that HIS entire creation is miraculous in and of itself. Sad, that HIS most superior creature, humankind, is unable to see and believe in it, and that the Creator of all realms is the only Saviour of them.

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