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I Bear Witness

Intrepretation of the murmuring of the heart, whispers in the soul, and thoughts in the mind, caused such grief. How is it possible to define or describe a love unseen? You granted this being visions of your countenance, my words paused as emotions over-flowed. When I asked the gardens in which flowers bloomed the meaning of this silence, they declared their adoration of you by exuding a thousand different scents.

I ventured forward, and accosted the mountains, repeating my question, "do convey to me the meaning of this silence ?" They gazed down upon me in startled fashion, and stated their devotion to you by revealing their great stature and nobility.

In the far distance, I saw the birds flying high and called out to them. As they approached me, I put to them the question as before. They explained their attachment to you by singing sweet songs in a hundred different ways.

As I travelled onward, I came upon a group of people, I asked them in wonder and in awe, "pray, what is the meaning of this silence ?" They smiled at me, and informed me of their tremendous reverence for you by speaking in languages of peace and poetry.

Seeing the angels busy in their tasks, I asked them, "do please, tell me the meaning of this silence ?" They turned and looked at me, and communicated the majesty and glory of you by enlightening and illuminating my path.

I returned to the abode assigned to me by you, and sat in quiet contemplation. My senses and my heart, my soul and my reason, remained still. Then, as I made to move, they all engaged in converse with me.

Realisation dawned, that which you made me aware of, everything that I bore witness to, everyone who imparted to me their adulation of you, the being that you caused me to be, in all this, there were oceans and oceans of love, seas pouring forth, creating rivers of emotion, streams of thought.

Words are inspired by mention of you. The ornament of my soul, the adornment of creation are you. Unseen, hidden, without shape and without form. Love of you, and love for you, flows only from you. The source of all beauty, beautiful are you.

Silence made sound speak of you, as time and space revolved around your throne. The only one, truly, worthy and deserving of praise and love, are you. I bear witness all love you, bear you witness too.

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