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Realm Of Reason

Creation is eminently reasonable, it is serene and tranquil as it traverses vast spaces - these spaces always expanding to make room for diverse mysteries. The world and its nature are compatible together, neither submissive to the other. Their association is most reasonable, an outcome of aeons of evolution, the consequence of a Word uttered and brought into being seconds ago.

Thoughts and emotions are streams that flow through minds and hearts, running into rivers that transport them to the soul. Here,all that is seen and perceived and imagined is translated by reason, and oceans of truths mingle with oceans of light - to create a language of beauty.

Reason is: scientific, philisophical, intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and sensual. It comprises all aspects of being, commanding them to be reasonable. Reason reflects upon flowers as they express themselves through their scent,and birds as they fly high towards the skies,and mountains as they attempt to reach the heavens,and leaves bright with green,and creatures whose form and mode of expression testify to nature's creativity - reflecting upon everything seen,contemplating that which is unseen - is the meaning and purpose of reason.

Reason is creative, productive, constructive and informative. Everything informs reason, and reason informs everything. Reason travels worlds apart, bringing them together. Reason is able to make sense of that which appears to be senseless.The senses function best when in happy communication with reason. Otherwise - reason is silent as the senses speak without comprehending their languages. Reason insists all parts, inner and outer, are unified. Unity brings all things into sharp focus,enabling reason to interpret them correctly. Separation of parts causes confusion, leading to chaos and abandonment of reason.

Reason is a most beautiful gift ,thinking reason greets the world with joy. Reason seeks knowledge and truth and wisdom, these are to be found everywhere. Reason meticulously researches all that it surveys,it investigates all manner of things,and explores hitherto unknown areas of existence. Reason rejects unreasonable assumptions based upon incorrect or inadequate knowledge.Knowledge invites reason to understand it,and reason longs to meet knowledge - in all its different forms.

Reason traverses the lands that life occupies - without reason, life exists in a place devoid of purpose. Reason strives to attain to great heights,the more reason is employed the happier reason is.Reason is responsible for words and deeds of true merit, reason does not hope for reward only recognition.

Reason speaks languages that all except the unreasonable understand. Reason builds beauty out of perfection,and it is both witness and voice.It bears witness to the truth,and its voice speaks only the truth. Reason belongs to the realm of the mind and heart and soul. Reason leads those living in the dark,into the light. Reason is light,enlightening and illuminating, brightening up existence.

Creation speaks to reason of mysteries yet to be uncovered,and secrets yet to be discovered. Creation reveals to reason concealed truths - never to be known,never to be shown.Reason humbly accepts whatever it is provided with - its sustenance is endless. Reason requires the food that knowledge gives in order to survive. Reason lives in realms of purity,these are vast realms - revolving and rotating and turning and returning.

Reason transports one into worlds composed of truth,waters falling and cascading upon dry lands, bringing them to life - causing reason to live and sending messages of love. Tear-drops form as eyes struggle to see the unseeing, and reason translates the unseeing into insight - and all becomes clear.

Reason flows upon the body of the soul - leading it to its final destination. Reason's destiny begins and ends in its ultimate journey - from the unknown to the unknown, witnessing many truths before being presented to the Truth Absolute.

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