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In Love With The Loving

Love for You flows from the heart, and is sweeter than honey. It is like the sigh of an autumn breeze, shining brighter than the brightest star.. it resembles the merging of all colours, whose essence is light, more intoxicating than the scent of all known flowers...

It transports one to the realm of hidden mysteries, elevates to a plane higher than the highest mountain. It relinquishes all hold on this material world..

It gives to existence its true meaning and purpose,  causes night and day to become one in remembrance of You, it brings joy to grief and sorrow to happiness..

It enlightens the soul and promises it release, makes times of hardship easier to bear. It grants hope a reality to the seeking mind...

It drives all passions away leaving space only for freedom from desire, it is inspired by You, the Enabler and Sustainer..

It is endless in its revelation of Your Grace, all-absorbing and all-encompassing, a measure of Your Mercy, it speaks of our longing and yearning for You..

It is the language You teach to those who love none but You, it is a message of eternity from Infinity, a beat of the heart away from You...

It remains when the fear of rejection is known, it is undying, for You are the Ever-Living. It is true, for words cannot expresss the depths of attachment to You..

It translates into seeing none but Your Face,  it is to comprehend that this love exists only by Your Permission. It is this life combining with all of creation and its inhabitants,  love for You strives to be loved by You.

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