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A Tear Drop

Sorrow is immensely difficult to bear, where to go and who to turn
to ? How to survive such pain ? Why does this grief not give respite ?

In the extremity of my despair, I gazed downwards, and upwards, in all
directions, seeking help, looking for hope. Eyes became like swollen rivers,
tears overflowing, cascading down my face like waterfalls.

I held out my hands, and tear drops fell into them. I became mesmerized by
the sight of this little pool of water. It reflected light, and sparkled and
twinkled, it seemed to express some emotion, it appeared to speak of hidden
thoughts. Were these tears thoughts made manifest, or were they emotions
revealed ?

In an instant, my tears were transformed. In my hands were the sun and the
moon, dazzling light and shining light. Before my eyes, I saw the universe
revolving. Creation uncreated itself, all things breaking apart and
fragmenting. Then, creation was recreated, everything evolving, forming into
shapes fashioned by destiny.

I was transported from the realm of material being, to a world of spiritual
visions. Here, despair did not dare exist, only peace was given permission
to be. Beings of beauty lived amidst colours more vivid than any colours
imaginable. Light faded into light, and became absorbed into light. This was
a place where only light lived, through those living, in those living. There
was no darkness, for light had conquered and annihilated it.

I made to speak, but no sound emerged. Yet, all near and far turned to me,
their countenances composed of light, and love and life. Had my thoughts
communicated to them ? They responded with a happy welcome. Strange, no-one
knew of me, but still they all responded. My experience of the physical
world described unresponsive beings intent upon themselves, unaware of
anything or anyone else. Nothing is designed to cause more hurt than to be
ignored. Here, ignorance had been banished, and so had hurt.

Amongst the trees and gardens, hills and valleys, around mansions and in
them, beautiful states increased in intensity and purity. Imagination and
perception were united in seeing the truth about things, reason remained
itself, entirely calm, always in control. Emotions and thoughts were
translated into so many languages of nobility, known to all, spoken by

Eyes shone brightly, and smiles dazzled faces content and serene. Harmony
knew joy, there was no room for conflict here. I walked slowly, and everyone
smiled, seeming to recognize me. I too, somehow, recognized them. They were
a part of me, even as I was a part of them. The air sighed, and the breeze
yawned. Leaves whispered, and flowers lowered their gaze, their scent
enfolding heavenly scenes.

I opened my eyes, the sun and the moon looked up at me, and smiled. The
universe continued upon its travels, sending me messages of hope. Then, as
suddenly as they had appeared, they disappeared, returning to their abodes.
Once again, I gazed upwards, and the sun and the moon and far distant worlds
conveyed to me news of happiness yet to come, hidden and unknown. My hands
still held that little pool of water, my tears that sparkled with light.

Water that creates, recreates, from which emerges the life of this realm. My
tear drop held the secret mysteries concealed in my heart, and in the
farthest reaches of the universe. A tear drop contains all of creation,
revealing as much of itself as the seeker wishes to find. I knew pain, my
tears informed me of patiance and its rewards. Tears washed away all grief,
only hope remained, and light reflected in a tear drop...

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