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A mother's love is reflected in her willingness to sacrifice everything for her offspring. Her offspring may well be ungrateful; rebellious; disrespectful; unloving; and perhaps even evil - but a mother persists in her belief that nuture and her nature can overcome all such propensities. A mother's love is the purest form of love. It is giving and forgiving - unceasingly protective.

The world has its own nature - this has been defined - or described - as "mother nature." Mother nature is concealed - hidden. But her function is apparent - she nurtures that which she helps to bring into being.

All things have a precise set of laws governing their existence - they cannot function outside of these laws. So too nature has been accorded a definite pattern of laws - each and everything operates within these laws. Nature is kind - but not stupid. Nor is nature chaotic or confused. There is balance and harmony inherent in the natural world. We are all aspects of this realm.

Natural "disasters" are nature's way of sending a message to the living. Mankind is often at war with his own nature - and of the nature surrounding him - so he tries to ignore the former, whilst seeking to subdue and exploit the latter. Nature cannot be controlled by mankind - it is mankind who is subject to his own nature,and at the mercy of the natural world.

A mother is not averse to reprimanding her offspring, she may even provide the occassional slap on the wrist. She will only resort to these particular forms of discipline if she feels other warnings have been ignored. Mother nature is constantly reminding the living - mankind especially - to accord respect to it and not to over-step the bounds of proper conduct.

Nature is not a killer - it is a provider. It provides sustenance of every type to life of every description. A realm contained of the living is nature's answer to those who accuse it of being cruel. Nature - in the very nature of things - cannot be cruel. Time instituted laws for every aspect and all parts of its creation - nature is not lawless, it is very law-abiding. It is mankind who may, on occassion, descend to lawless and reckless behaviour, breaking his own laws and the laws of nature.

Natural occurances - such as earthquakes, volcanoes,and tidal waves, - may well be nature speaking in a language none are able to comprehend. Time grants to its creation and creatures a brief term during which they exist and live. All terms are destined to perish - even nature cannot survive the count of time. All mothers' inevitably die - so too must Beautiful Nature.

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