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The Sky

The sky opens up its secrets, occassionally speaking and sometimes smiling. When the clouds form, and conceal the face of the sky - it remains shining, well-pleasing to the eye.

The sky does not possess any gaps or any holes - it is without fault. Its shape describes the purpose for which it was created - many skies upholding a multitude of skies, and the mysteries of heaven.

These layers of - composed of light, of space, of time - lead to visions of heaven and beyond. A breath of heaven reaches all parts and aspects of the skies.

When the dawn arrives, it is accompanied by light. The dawn and dusk engage in conversation, when the formalities are complete, and the proper etiquette has been observed - the darkness asks permission to depart. The light gladly grants the request - and so as the darkness recedes and takes rest, the night dissolves to give way to the day.

The light informs the day - causing the sky to brighten into an explosion of colours. The light also informs the night - the moon and stars reflecting upon its purity.

The sky seems so distant - and yet near enough to touch. As the winds gather and transport the clouds towards destinations unseen, the beauty of the sky appears - it's countenance serene and tranquil.

Mountains peak - and birds fly high,as trees grow tall and proud. All seek to gain access to the skies, all dreams ascend beyond them.

The skies have no barriers - it allows thoughts to pass through them, it is not without inspiration. In fact,the sky is the inspiration for many an artist, for many a writer.All gaze upwards in hope and in awe - looking for answers, receiving truth.

It may seem as if the sky is silent - but it is continually sending messages, bestowing favours upon all those who reside beneath its vast expanse.The skies speak in a language composed of light - enlightening all - leaving none in darkness.

The sky is an open heart - beating in time, overflowing with love, shedding tears of joy and grief. A heart all-encompassing in its presence, a mind ever watchful - and a soul breathing in peace - such is the sky. Truly, the sky is a being all its own - providing shelter, shade, and security for all other beings.

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