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The Companion And The Cave

From the far distance, he heard a voice calling to him, beckoning him. He ignored it. For, it was the enchanting voice of his former beloved, playfully appealing to him to emerge from his sanctuary, demanding that he abandon all reason and immerse himself in the pursuit of pure pleasure.

But, he had travelled that route for far too long, only realising the futility of his endeavers when all had been lost. His life-partner had been beautiful and mesmerising - and now had nothing left to offer him, not even illusions.

He had escaped into his cave, it was his sanctuary, his place of refuge. He vowed never to return to that which he had turned away from. What was there left to return to ? Nothing. Everything he had cherished had turned to dust. There remained but memories, bitter memories that spoke to him when silence became oppressive.

He recalled laughter, followed by tears of intense grief. He was done with all the endless betrayals, the constant deceptions. His experiences had left him drained of hope, there was no hope. Finally, he had resolved to detach himself entirely from all that had gone before.

The breeze lifted its soft voice and sighed. Perhaps nature was weary, he mused. His exhausted mind and aching heart wondered - where, where was peace ? It was not to be found out there or anywhere. Sound collided with thought and caused an explosion, leading to chaos and confusion.

At least here, in his cave, he was able to attain to a measure of peace, and he became conscious of his disquiet ebbing away. Maybe true peace could only be achieved through retreat and withdrawal, through a door that opened upon one's demise.

The world - his former beloved and companion - continued its animated shout, determined in its attempt to entice him from his cave, and draw him back into its inviting arms.

Now it was too late, he was no longer really present. All sound had ceased to exist for him, for he had retreated to the very edge of his existence, he was beyond reach.

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