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Whispering Shadows

As I lay sleeping, my soul emerged, and, accompanied by the hidden, travelled to the abode of the unrevealed.

Seeing beyond limited vision, and listening to the unheard, where trees enter into discourse with neighbouring mountains and valleys.

When night descends, the breath of creation embraces all things, and like a warm breeze, brings comfort and serenity to the silent hearts of flowers and birds, and the beating hearts of men.

As light of day ascends, the sun sends its glowing rays upon the waters, they write columns of poetry, whose meanings can be comprehended by the only one who sees.

The tall green grass waves to the green of the leaves, their shadows falling one upon another. Sometimes the shadows engage in converse, the unspoken words communicating an infinity of tales.

Traversing the lands, both earth and water, my soul merges with them to become one, movement of time causes the motionless soul to awaken, a journey of return.

Destiny is the music of life, destination lies at the beginning of existence. My soul hears the whispering shadows, the living beckon even as the dead speak.

A realm composed of imaginings, whose shadows create thoughts and words, they convey worlds of beauty revolving around worlds of eternal bliss.

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