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Candle Night

In the stillness of the night, only darkness speaks. It is an expression on the face of the heart. Only the light may dispell this atmosphere of apprehension.

The soul moves quietly in the shadows encompassing the heart. The soul is apt to discover peace where disturbance appears to reside.

Happiness awaits its final abode. This realm is reserved for the confused of mind and lost of spirit. Distances create emotions of yearning and hope.

As the mountains exclaim to one another in a language composed of silence, the birds gaze down upon them and smile.

The trees provide shelter and shade for their inhabitants, as the sun descends and cools the day. Green leaves and the flowers multi-hued, exchange pleasantries through the breeze.

The instruments of creation play upon the thinking mind. Here, there is no sadness nor any grief. Thoughts reveal serenity and contentment, even as the deep dark takes hold.

The candle is lit, as the heart responds to the promptings of the mind and the soul. Where the heart is illumined, no darkness can penetrate.

The candle of the night, is the light of being. The being is the night, the heart is the candle. Both bring enlightened waves that flow from them, to everything enfolding this realm.

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