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The Secret Of Mysteries

Curtains of light embroidered with the shine of the sun, the glow of the moon and the sparkle of the stars, moved gently as the breeze waved by. What lay beyond those curtains ? The imagination struggled to visualise the unseen, light concealing rather than revealing.

Death transformed sleep into a journey, Travelling through different states, conscious of retreating from the material, being transported to the spiritual realm.

Expression of the soul, faith. Evidence of existence, faith. Only faith, belief in purpose and in reason and in meaning, the reason for being. Faith in the unknown, as yet unseen. Faith in a reality appearance seems to deny.

Upon this journey then a miracle occured. The curtains drew back, and the soul was guided forward. The vast expanse of lands beckoned, this was a world inhabited solely by the soul.

Here the secrets of all the mysteries were unravelled, secret mysteries that only the soul could comprehend. Paradise presented itself, speaking softly to the soul.

Life is but a means to an end, and the end represents a never-ending beginning. Material world fading into oblivion, the unreal giving way to the real.

Paradise calls out to the spirit, awaiting its arrival serenely. None are able to see this heavenly abode, it remains invisible to all but the soul. The mystery of beauty has yet to be discovered, reality has not yet been uncovered.

A home for the soul, paradise resides in the regions of the spirit, where lands are watered by streams of consciousness flowing from the one high above all.

An exalted emotion described as love lives alongside an elevated state of being. No higher, no better, no greater, and no further than this. The upper limits of life, where the boundaries no longer exist.

The spirit is absorbed by the scent of heaven, the curtains are drawn back. Where there is light darkness dare not tread, light of the spirit enlightening all. The physical died a natural death, and from it emerged the everlasting soul.

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